We take more photos than ever before. However, our most meaningful photos still sit idle on our phones or in the cloud. These include photos of family, our kids, goofy photos that we want only our closest friends to know about. With the introduction of the iPhone 6, never before in history have print quality photos been so easy to capture!

Unfortunately, the printing industry has not changed with the times. Even today, the most common way of printing a photo album is from an in-store kiosk or from a clunky desktop creator. Our lives are increasingly busy and most people simply do not have 8 hours to spare.

We launched SimplePrints 3 years ago because we recognized that the industry needed a mobile solution that was fast, intuitive, and convenient.  Today we are proud to say that SimplePrints is the #1 App on iOS and Android for creating printed photo books from mobile.

With your help, we look forward to continually improving SimplePrints and creating additional simple + delightful products in the future.



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