Capture The Subtle Signs of Spring

  Here in California we’re finally getting rain, lots and lots of rain. Over on the East Coast there are rumors of more snow, as if there hadn’t already been enough snow for two winters, let alone one. And yet, as February comes to a quiet close and March gets ready to step in, tiny […]

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The Story of a 40 Year Marriage as Told by Photographs of Every Day Household Objects

Photographs by their very nature have long been an effective storytelling tool.  They capture moments in time, recording people, places, and objects that evoke emotions and memories, even when viewed by those unfamiliar with the picture’s subjects.  There are countless ways to use photography to tell a story; the photographer is limited only by their […]

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3 Ways to Get Inspired When You Just Don’t Know What To Shoot

Sometimes, when the holidays are over, the winter doldrums have set in, and inspiration has pretty much vanished, we sit there with our phones in hand, knowing there are things we could be capturing for posterity, should be capturing, and yet, we come up blank. Another picture of the kids playing Legos? Another picture of the […]

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The iPhone Photo Seen Around the World

We whip out our phones to snap photos of our kids, our pets, the coffee we’re about to enjoy, and sometimes a gorgeous view that takes our breath away.  For the most part those photos live on our phones, the lucky ones waiting to be turned into photo books. Other times we share them on […]

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Taking Sports photos with the iPhone

It’s a fair bet that none of the professional sports photographers who have descended on Sochi are shooting photos with their iPhones. Most likely they’re carting some serious photography equipment, but some photographers are starting to think that in a generation or two that might well no longer be the case.  We, however, are not […]

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4 Neat iPhone Photo Apps

Of course your iPhone has a camera, and that camera comes with its own editing software, but where’s the fun in that?  With a couple taps you can have some even better software at your fingertips and you can start to take even more stunning photos.  Try these out and see what you think! 1) […]

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Love for Instagram

In a sea of camera apps for phones, it almost goes without saying that Instagram is the fan favorite, the darling of the bunch. It’s been adopted by people of all walks of life and all ages and is generally used to share a little of everything. The various filters allow you to make the […]

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5 Fun Year In Review Photo Book Ideas

The wondrous thing about camera phones is that they’re always with us, enabling us to snap pictures at the drop of a hat. At the end of the year our phones are chock full of visual memories of the past 12 months. If you tap open your image gallery you can swipe your way through […]

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Project365 Tips

For the last few years many people have undertaken the rather impressive challenge of Project 365 where you take a photo a day and share it online.  I say it’s a challenge, because doing anything out of our regular routines, every day for a year, is not an easy task to undertake. But it’s well worth […]

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Photo Fun in the Sun

Where we live in California it’s not always hot, but it’s pretty much always at least warm so playing in the snow is something we rarely get to do. Once a year we trek our way to snowy Chicago where the kids get to roll around in the snow and I get to take some […]

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