Photo challenges can also be a fun group activity for you and your friends or for your kids.  It’s interesting to compare shots and see how everyone interpreted a theme differently.  Here are a few of our favorite challenges you can try yourself!Photography challenges are a great tool to get inspired and to collaborate with others.  No matter how fun and convenient it is to take pictures with your iPhone, having a guide or a goal can help improve your photography and help you think of new things to snap pictures of.

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Project 365

Take a picture once a day in order to document a year of your life. At the end of the year these photos will not only give you a fun snapshot of your past year, but they will show you what really matters to you. Many participants also choose a theme for their Project 365 – perhaps following the growth and adventures of their child or documenting a major life change. For those who have the patience and discipline to complete their Project 365, the resulting photos can be printed into a great SimplePrints photo book memorializing the year you’ve documented.

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100 Happy Days

The 100 Happy Days challenge tasks photographers to take a picture every day of something that makes them happy. This is a great challenge to undertake as it helps participants focus on the little things in their lives that bring them joy, which helps foster a more positive outlook on life. Many people post their pictures to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #100happydays in order to easily share with others.

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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

The Daily Post is WordPress’s community for bloggers to learn and experiment together. In addition to their many other resources and tools, they host a weekly photography challenge with new themes posted every Friday. Even if you’re not necessarily a blogger, the challenges present an opportunity to get creative with your photography and may help you think of new things to shoot when you’re feeling uninspired.


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