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Autumn is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner. This time of year presents many unique photographic opportunities. The quality of the light, all the leaves turning shades of gold and red, fantastic costumes and home decorations – all these elements combine, just waiting for you to pick up your camera! Since we know you’re probably as excited as we are, here are some tips to help you take the best shots this Halloween!

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One of the most iconic elements of the Halloween season can also be one of the trickiest to photograph. To capture the best shots, make sure you take your pictures right after it’s been carved – no one wants to see pictures of a sagging, rotting gourd. Although it sounds counterintuitive, don’t carry out your photoshoot in full dark. Take your pictures shortly after sunset, while there is still some lingering light in the sky so that the pumpkin itself is still visible in your shot. This will add some color and depth to your pictures. Add a few extra lights or candles inside your jack o lantern to intensify and increase the light within it. Try not to capture a direct view of the light source in your shot, rather try to just catch the illumination or reflection of the light. Get in real close with your shots, avoiding the use of your zoom or flash functions. If you need some extra light, try a single light source, such as your porch light. If you want to increase the Halloween “mood”, try using a red or orange bulb to make your pictures even spookier! As always, remember to take several shots, with different settings and from different angles. The more you shoot, the better your chances are of catching the perfect shot!

Need more inspiration? Check out the scary awesome jack o lantern pictures below! Happy Halloween from SimplePrints!

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