This week, Instagram released a major update introducing new “Creative Tools” for photo editing within the app.

The new features not only allow users to adjust Filter Strength but also control other photo editing options which include:

Brightness:  Make your photo brighter or darker
Contrast:  Make bright areas brighter and dark areas darker
Warmth:  Enhances warmer orange tones or cooler blue tones
Saturation:  Increase or decrease intensity of colors in your photo
Highlights:  Focus on brighter areas of the image
Shadows:  Focus on darker areas of the image
Vignette:  Darken edges of photo
Sharpness:  Adds crispness and makes photo appear clearer

The new version of Instagram is available through the App Store if you haven’t already checked it out.

Don’t forget – it’s super simple to import any of your Instagram photos into SimplePrints.  We’re looking forward to seeing the beautiful pictures you make for your next photobook project using Instagram’s new features!

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