Creating your own photobook with an iPhone app like SimplePrints is easy – you can build a complete book in just a matter of minutes.  Making a really great book however takes a little more thought and planning than just adding photos from your iPhone.  By following these tips and suggestions, you can make an incredible photobook to share with your family and friends.

It Starts With Taking Great Photos

While the iPhone makes it easy to snap quick photos it can sometimes be challenging for beginners to take high quality pictures, especially if you plan to print these photos at a larger size.  If you’re having trouble taking clear, high resolution photos, check out our blog post about taking better photos with your iPhone.


The Best Photobooks Have a Single Theme

Sure, you can make your photobook with whatever pictures you like – but really great books often have a theme or story that ties all the pictures together.  Before you start adding photos, think to yourself, “What is the story I want to tell?”  Whether you want to share how you and your spouse met or take the reader along on your family vacation to Florida, try to select pictures that fit into this theme.  It’s also important to think about the order in which the pictures should be printed.  If you’re making a book about the birth of your first child for instance, you’ll probably want to add photos from your pregnancy before the shots of your newborn baby.  You can still get creative with your theme though!  We’ve seen some great examples of books using 365 Photo Project pictures as their theme and even a great recipe photobook one of our users made with their kids.

Pick Only the Best Quality Pictures or Use Tricks to Improve Quality

Remember:  Just because a picture looks great on a 3 or 4 inch screen does not mean it will look great when printed on an 8 inch page.  Imperfections like poor focus or blurriness may not be visibly apparent when the picture is shrunk down on your phone’s screen, but they are still there and will be visible when printed into your book.  So make sure you check out your photos before you print your book.  One way to do this through SimplePrints is to send yourself a digital preview link of your book before you commit to printing.  Check out this link on your computer’s larger screen to look for any pictures that may not print well.  There is still hope for poorer quality pictures though!  Try adding filters to lower resolution pictures through services like Instagram or use SimplePrints’ editing feature to add multiple, smaller sized photos to a single page.  These tactics can help you still use lower quality images with acceptable results.


Choose Your Cover Photo Last

Your cover photo is going to be the first thing your loved ones see when they pick up your book.  It not only needs to be one of the very best photos you choose for your photobook, it also needs to tie together all the other images contained within your book.  When people see the cover, it should give them a pretty clear idea what the book is about as well as encourage them to open it up to see all your other pictures.


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