Photobooks are a great way to preserve and share your favorite memories – the birth of a new baby, family vacations, weddings and holiday gatherings are all pretty popular themes we see at SimplePrints.  However, with a little creativity and perhaps some simple editing, you can make many other kinds of books you may not have considered before.  The only limit is your imagination.  Here are a few ideas you can try with your next photobook project.

Kids’ Personalized Photobooks  


You can make storytime even more engaging for your kids with a personalized picture book.  Try making a book to teach your children their ABCs with pictures of their favorite toys or foods.  Another fun project you can try is making a storybook with your kids as the stars of the story.  This can be a lot of fun for both you and your children to make as you play dress up, take pictures and make up the story to be told through captions in your book.  Photobooks are also a great way to preserve and share your kid’s own artwork.  Simply photograph or scan your children’s drawings or paintings and upload them to your book.

Business Related Photobooks


(Photo by matchfitskills / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Photobooks can be incredibly useful for business owners.  Whether you are a realtor, artist, home remodeler, caterer, clothing designer or jewelry maker, photobooks are a great way to share your past projects or current offerings with potential customers, especially when those customers cannot personally view your products.  Use a photobook to illustrate your skills or to walk interested home owners through properties that are on the market.  Photobooks are also useful during fundraising events!  Having a physical book showing progress you’ve made on a project and your future goals is an inexpensive and professional tool to sway investors and contributors.

Document Important Parts of Your Life


(Photo by Yenra / CC BY 2.0)

What defines your life?  For many people, it’s their family but for others there might be something else.  Maybe you live for cooking or can’t go a week without attending a concert.  Perhaps you’re really into exercising or collecting action figures.  Whatever your passion is, photobooks are a great way to share your interests with your friends and family.  Make a book documenting marathons you’ve run or your greatest culinary achievements.

Instructional Photobooks


(Photo by Mathew Packer CC BY-SA 2.0)

Sure, you could just write out a list of instructions – but why not show and tell?  Photobooks can help guide a reader through a recipe, project, or experiment in a fun, visual way.  Especially if you have kids, creating a photobook can be a fun activity to do together.  Whether it’s for personal instruction, a supplement to an educational project, or just to capture fun memories, photobooks make wonderful visual guides.

Inspirational Photobooks


(Photo by Jennifer / CC BY 2.0)

We all have dreams, goals, or “bucket lists” of things we’d like to do during our lifetime.  Making a photobook collection of pictures can help inspire you to keep chasing those dreams.  Want to travel to another country?  Make a book of the cities and monuments you’d like to visit.  Always dreamed of learning to scuba dive or snowboard?  Find your favorite pictures of these activities and add them to your book.  Working your way through a degree and need a motivational pick me up to get you through exams?  Make a book of inspirational images and quotes to flip through during your study breaks and keep you on track to graduation.

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