Here in California we’re finally getting rain, lots and lots of rain. Over on the East Coast there are rumors of more snow, as if there hadn’t already been enough snow for two winters, let alone one.

And yet, as February comes to a quiet close and March gets ready to step in, tiny hints of sprint are making themselves known. Trees are starting to bud. Flowers are trying to poke through. And the birds are finally starting to sing again.


It’s the perfect time, just when everyone is starting to be completely done with winter, when everyone has had more than enough of the cold and wet, to bundle everyone up and head out for a family photo walk to hunt for elusive signs of spring. Arm yourself with this list and have the kids help scout them out.

– Flowers poking their heads out of the ground or the snow
– Buds on the trees
– Open windows
– Puddles
– Rain boots
– Worms
– Snails and slugs
– Birds
– Mushrooms
– Flowing streams
– Rainbows

Hang tight and keep your phone handy to snap pictures of these elusive signs that winter eventually will come to an end and brighter skies will prevail.


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