Photographs by their very nature have long been an effective storytelling tool.  They capture moments in time, recording people, places, and objects that evoke emotions and memories, even when viewed by those unfamiliar with the picture’s subjects.  There are countless ways to use photography to tell a story; the photographer is limited only by their imagination.

Libro di Famiglia, a photo book by photographer Elena Capra, tells the story of her parents’ 40 year marriage through photographs of everyday objects found around their home.  Her website describes the project as “the imaginal narration of 40 years of marriage, is the metaphor of an evolution, of the abrasion of everyday’s life. Day after day small gestures become motifs and objects become symbols, pieces of a life together that is spent apart.”

Her parents and their possessions appear as subjects throughout the book without any other narrative or back story.  The presentation of the pictures without context allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the connections and story behind the objects, scenes and people in the book.

It is exciting to realize how all the mundane objects we surround ourselves with and take for granted every day can come together to tell the story of our lives.  This is just one example of how you can use your own unique perspective and creativity to tell your own story through the pictures you take – the possibilities are truly endless!

(See the full story here:  All photos by Elena Capra)

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