It’s a fair bet that none of the professional sports photographers who have descended on Sochi are shooting photos with their iPhones. Most likely they’re carting some serious photography equipment, but some photographers are starting to think that in a generation or two that might well no longer be the case. 

We, however, are not professional photographers shooting fast moving athletes from seats in distant bleachers. When we sit at the sidelines of our kids’ basketball games or poolside at the swim-meet, we can take fantastic shots without having to wait for another three generations of iPhones to be released. 

Here are a couple tips to ensure that your amateur shots turn out just as great as the pro ones!

1) Tap to focus

You can tap anywhere on the screen to tell the iPhone where to focus. This is especially handy in school gyms where high windows can make for very strange lighting. Tap the darker part of the viewfinder to brighten up the area you are trying to shoot. 

2) The iPhone snaps a photo when you release the button, not when you press it. 

So hold down the button, tap the screen to focus, and when the shot is right, lift your thumb. 

3) For fast action moments, put the iPhone camera in burst mode

The iPhone 5 can take up to 10 frames per second, so focus on your little sports star, press the shutter, and let the camera do the work. Not all the pictures will turn out, but in the burst, you’re sure to get quite a few good action shots! 

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