Of course your iPhone has a camera, and that camera comes with its own editing software, but where’s the fun in that? 

With a couple taps you can have some even better software at your fingertips and you can start to take even more stunning photos. 

Try these out and see what you think!


1) Camera+ – $1.99


Voted Best Camera App for iPhone by Lifehacker.com this camera app has all of the bells and whistles you could possibly want for your iCamera. 

  • Easy adjust the exposure, to decide just how much light you want in your photos.
  • Easy control of stability and sharpness. Fixes hands down the biggest issue with camera phones.
  • Huge editing range, with lots of filters and professional grade options to enhance every picture you take.
  • And of course, the option to share all your photos all over the Internet. 

2) Photo Editor by Aviary – $0


This editor is an amazing piece of free software. It offers great editing options, a wide range of filters, and the super fun option of writing on your photos to turn them into Internet memes. Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to!

 3) PicTapGo – $1.99


One of the best part of taking photos with your phone is the never ending fun you can have when enhancing pictures with various filters. This app doesn’t limit you to using just one filter, it gives you the option of layering filters to get new and original looks. If you create a “recipe” that you’re particularly fond of you can save it to use it again and again! 

4) Facetune – $2.99


This app should come with a “please use in moderation” notice, but I’m sure no one would listen. What does this app do? Well, that’s easy, it allows you to easily fix all those little imperfections you notice when you take selfies.

 Fun, right? 


Finding an app that you love will give you the push to take great photos that you are proud of. Happy photo snapping!

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