It’s the final stretch, the final frenzy before you’re forced to put down your credit card and put up your feet so you can finally heave a sigh of relief and just enjoy the magic of the holidays instead of scrambling to create it. Packages have arrived, family has flown in, food is sitting in the fridge and freezer, ready to be whipped into deliciousness. The tree lights are blinking and somewhere in the background pleasant music is playing. 

And that’s when we all reach for our phones to capture the moment. 

So, go ahead, capture the moment. Get a shot of the cousins roughhousing under the tree, of your favorite aunt standing over the stove. Snap a picture of your sister kissing her husband under the mistletoe. Immortalize that Christmas morning hair…

And then, please, put down the phone. 

I know it sounds strange coming from us, coming from a company that creates photo books, but I believe that sometimes it’s important to stop capturing and just enjoy the actual moment. After all, pictures serve to remind us of good times we’ve had; so go out and have them!

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