As soon as Christmas trees start to pop up in all of my friends’ homes (we’re more partial to menorahs in ours…) my fingers start itching to take great bokeh photos.

What is bokeh? Ah that’s simple, it’s the way pinpricks of light turn all fuzzy in the background of photos taken at high aperture with a DSLR camera.

Of course, you can’t control the aperture on your iPhone camera, so what’s a photographer to do to get that awesome effect? Lucky for us, we’re not the only ones hankering for those fuzzy balls of light in the background of our photos! A number of app developers have been hard at work making it possible for us to get the shots we want without ever having to put down our phones!

Some of these apps have a more “natural” look than others, but all are quite fun to play with and will give your photos a festive look. Here are five great options to get you started. Look around and see which seems best for you!

1) Bokeh Lens – $0.99

This is my favorite. I love the natural look of the Bokeh effect.

2) Lumiè – $1.99

This app is easy to use and gives you lots of pretty Bokeh options. Hearts anyone?

3) BokehPic – Free

This app is just downright fun. You’re not going to get a natural looking bokeh here, but lots of shape options and it’s relatively easy to use. Plus, you can’t beat the price!

4) Real Bokeh – $0.99

Another option for adding not-quite-real looking bokeh that will give your photos some fun character. This one has some more functionality than the previous one, justifying it’s higher price-point.

5) Bokehful – $0.99

Simple and straightforward with some options that give you a slightly more natural bokeh look than some other apps on the market.

Bokeh apps aren’t the “real” thing, but they give you so much more creative license than a traditional DSLR that you might never regret not shooting with a “real” camera!

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