If you’re like most Americans, odds are high that 90% of all photos you ever take will be taken with your smart phone. It makes sense. You always have your phone with you. It’s always there when you want to capture a cute or memorable shot.

That said, even if your iPhone isn’t a “real” camera, using it isn’t an excuse for taking sub-par photos. Here are a few more tips to radically improve your photography.

1) Clean your lens

I know. It sounds silly, but think of the places your phone has been – your purse, your pocket, your hand… Cleaning your lens once in a while will radically improve the clarity of your photos.

2) Use your grid lines

As we covered in our last set of tips, the rule of thirds will make your photos instantly more interesting and compelling.

Not sure what a third of your screen looks like? Go into your settings and activate your iPhone camera’s grid lines. It’ll make it easier to set up your shots.

3) Tap to focus

You can tap on your phone’s screen to tell the camera where to focus. If you don’t, the phone’s camera function will decide where to focus. Tap and hold your finger down until the white box blinks twice, you can then shift your camera while maintaining the focal point you want.

4) Frame your photo creatively

Think outside the box… or rather outside the frame. Shot just a bit of your subject, include a lot of sky, change the angle of your shot. It’s up to you to be as creative as you dare.

5) Don’t be too quick to delete

It’s tempting to quickly glance at a photo you’ve just taken and hit delete if it doesn’t look quite right. Don’t do it right away. The photo might look better in a different light or only need a tiny bit of editing to look great. Wait to look at it on your computer before you hit the X.

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