The season grows colder and Halloween approaches in leaps and bounds. Tomorrow it’ll be time for all the little ghouls and goblins to come out and with gleeful smiles sweetly beg for some treats.

But first, most of them will have the joy of parading around their school in full regalia to receive cheers and claps from all the attending parents.

What does that mean for us parents? Why it means a day full of great photo ops! So be sure to charge that phone and keep it handy!

1) The early parent gets the good shots

Every parent at the Halloween parade will be training phones and cameras at the throng on children walking by, beat them to the punch by helping the kids get dressed in the classroom and snapping some great shots of your child surrounded by excited and smiling friends. 


2) Capture the kids in character

Once a year we let our kids decide exactly who they want to be. The best way to honor that is to let them act out the part fully and snap them in action. Let the super hero fly, the chicken dance, and the rock star sing, and when their joy is shining out of every pore, that’s when you snap the picture you’ll always remember.


3) Stage a photo shoot

Before you head out to knock on doors, give the kids a snack, find some good light, and let them show off their costumes.


4) Capture the in-betweens

Between the perfect costumes and the chipper trick-or-treat chants, there’s lots of sidewalk, some stroller action, hand holding, and other sweet moments often forgotten in light of the more momentous bits.

You might not think so, but the sight of your toddler waddling away is one you won’t always remember if you don’t think to snap.


5) Remember the perspectives

They’re only young once, and somehow, they seem extra little on stoops standing gazing up expectantly, waiting for a door to open, and for someone to give them a treat. Hang back and grab a shot from behind so you always remember the sweetness. 


6) Don’t forget the night’s end

Halloween rarely ends as prettily as it starts. Tired kids rarely want to keep their costumes on, smile for the camera, or even walk all the way home. You don’t have to capture the meltdowns, but if some of your little tricksters don’t quite make it to the end of the evening, it’s definitely worth recording.


Happy Halloween! May your day be safe and fun!

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