With one more weekend left before Halloween, there are only a handful of days left to doll up the kids and take them to a nearby pumpkin patch. Be sure to charge your phone before you go so you don’t miss some great photo ops!

Here are a few shots you won’t want to miss!


1) Watch your children’s eyes as they wander around the patch.

Capture the wonder in their faces as they take in the bounty and spot the perfect pumpkin.


2) Use those wagons!

If your babies are little, take advantage of the wagons and wheelbarrows most patches leave out for customers to snap a sweet picture or two. If your kids are bigger, load up the waggon and snap shots of them working to pull it!


3) Let them play!

The light shining off straw and pumpkins is ideal for portrait photos. Let the children roam around, playing, choosing pumpkins, and snap away.


4) Family shot!

Most pumpkin patches offer one if not more ideal spots to stop for a minute and capture a family portrait. Take advantage of all the other families there to ask someone to snap a few pictures of all of you together.


 5) More than just faces.

Sometimes the things we miss the most aren’t just our children’s faces, but their little hands and feet. They just get so big after a while! Be sure to focus your phone on a little hand holding a pumpkin, a small foot next to a wheelbarrow, or anything else that will remind you of how small and precious your child is this holiday season.

Most importantly, have fun, the memories should live both in your head and in photos! Click below to get started!


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