Stories Bring Us Together

Stories form an important part of our identity - stories about growing up, childhood dreams, love, friendship, hardships, triumphs, and the ongoing journey that is life. Too often these stories remain unshared and are forgotten before they can be recorded. In a world today where every part of our lives are being captured through photos, video, email, and text messages, there needs to be a better way for us to capture and share the meaningful stories that matter. One day we will look back on these stories and they will describe how we lived our lives and define who we were as people.

But today in a world where many of us are separated by great distances, sharing the important parts of our lives with the people we care about is still very difficult. Technology isolates older generations, while the young kids become too impatient to share in the ways they used to... remember post cards and letters?

Our goal is to bring families closer together by making it easy to capture and archive the imporant moments in your life and share them with the people who matter.

We were incubated at the Institute of Design at Stanford where we spent months interviewing families about how they stay in touch with one another and pass down their family stories. We hope that through our products we can achieve our goals to make a positive difference in the world and strenghtnen the bonds between families and generations.