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Use the photos from your mobile phone, Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox to create the perfect album.


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SimplePrints is the highest rated photo book app in the App Store.


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All of our books are handmade in California and exclusively printed on high-quality FCS-certified papers. Print up to 200 memorable pages and expect a durable, professional binding built to last.

See how our books are made

Our books are printed on beautiful archival-quality paper by state of the art HP Indigo digital presses. Watch how our Hardcover books are constructed by our professionally trained book binders. This is actually how your books are made!

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Meet the team


Co-founder & CEO

Matt is the CEO and lead designer at SimplePrints. He graduated from Stanford with a Masters in Design from the Previous to SimplePrints he was a designer at IDEO and founded two companies. LinkedIn


Co-founder & CTO

Alex oversees all software development at SimplePrints. He graduated from MIT with a Masters in Computer Science and has worked at Google, Flixter/, and Microsoft. LinkedIn


Lead iOS Engineer

Mauricio loves working on complex algorithms and composing masterpieces in Objective-C and Swift. He leads iOS development.


iOS Engineer

Farhan has 6 years of iOS experience and works on iOS UX performance and new features.


Data Science, Analytics, Marketing

Landen aka “Data” leads data science and analytics at SimplePrints. His unique background in software engineering, marketing, and law make him unusually good at deriving insights to help us improve our customer experience.


Lead Backend Engineer

Amrita leads backend engineering for SimplePrints and brings years of experience from her roles at CafePress and


Software Engineer

Joe is a web and backend specialist.


Software Engineer

Dai loves photography, building complex image processing systems, and makes sure that our servers stay up during peak season!


Android Engineer

Daniel has 4 years of Android experience.


Manufacturing and Logistics Lead

Roger makes sure that every SimplePrints order is manufactured flawlessly and delivered on time.


Customer Happiness Lead

SimplePrints is the highest rated photo book app for iPhone and Android. Celeste makes sure that every customer has a delightful experience.


Customer Happiness

Previous to SimplePrints, Bonita was a lead customer service associate at Uber.


Customer Happiness

Lexi makes sure that every customer has a delightful experience.


Engineering or Marketing

We are always looking for talented people to join our team!


We are looking for great people to join our team.
SimplePrints is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

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